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The Environmental division operates in five fields:
  • Assessment of contaminated sites and remediation design;
  • Waste treatment and disposal plant design;
  • Environmental impact studies and mitigation measures design;
  • Sustainable construction and planning;
  • Monitoring.

Assessment of Contaminated sites and Remediation Design

SGI can offer to the Client a full support in any environmental field, carrying out consulting activities as:
  • Technical masteries for legal procedures;
  • Environmental damage consulting;
  • Technical and economical feasibility studies;
  • Assessment of soil and groundwater contamination;
  • Identification of release histories at contaminated sites.
SGI makes use of the most suitable design tools (GIS, numerical models, geostatistical analyses).
also, co-operates with private companies as well as with universities, developing laboratory testing, specialised consulting and research programmes, in order to solve specific problems.

Design Tools

SGI realises the preliminary and final design of remediation interventions and of temporary and final safeguard systems.
In order to select the "best available technologies not entailing excessive costs", according to Italian regulation and EU directives, SGI currently relies on dedicated specialised software.

  • Geostatistical analyses for the evaluation of the spatial distribution of contaminants in soil and ground water and for estimating the volumes involved.

  • Geographic Information Systems.
    This tool is suitable for the management of large  amounts of spatial data, acquired during the investigation, the assessment and the remediation of large sites.
    SGI currently works out spatial data banks using GIS system, by means of common platforms (e.g.
    ArcGIS© by ESRI©).

  • Hydrogeological Numerical Models.
    These tools are utilised for the evaluation of aquifers dynamics, for the simulation of contaminant transport in groundwater and for the check of the design solutions. SGI works out complex numerical models by means of finite differences codes (e.g. VisualModflow) and finite elements codes (e.g. Feflow).

  • Health and Environmental Risk Analyses, according to the international standards. 
    The  analyses are performed by means of qualified

Experience and Innovation

The experience in many remediation projects, the geotechnical and geological know-how and the constant link with the academic community, allow SGI to propose to the Client well-established remediation technologies as well as innovative solutions (e.g. circulation wells for groundwater remediation, soil solidification/stabilisation, thermal treatments, bioremediation, etc.).

SGI provides also design of temporary and final safeguard systems, according to the Italian regulation in force. Supported by the geotechnical division, SGI environmental division has a solid experience in the design of vertical barriers (e.g. slurry walls, sheet piles, jet grouting, deep mining, etc.) and capping systems for contaminated sites.

Waste treatment and disposal plants design

In the field of waste treatment and disposal, SGI has mainly developed the following activities:
  • Consulting and technical assistance in waste management;

  • Design of waste disposal plants and supervision during construction works;

  • Design of waste treatment and waste recovery plants;

  • Assistance during the application procedure;

  • Consulting and assistance during waste treatment campaigns.

Environmental Impact Studies and Mitigation Measures Design

SGI carries out environmental impact and feasibility studies and mitigation measures design. The activity of SGI deals with the whole three-step design procedure provided for the Italian regulation. The impact studies concern both national and regional works as great infrastructures,
having a linear extension (e.g. railways and motorways), punctual infrastructures (e.g. railway junctions) and treatment and disposal plants. The impact studies are carried out for the construction stage as well as for the
operating one.

SGI has also acquired a great experience in the design
of mitigation measures as greenways,
landscaping works and noise barriers, especially for construction sites of large projects.


SGI moves in the environmental monitoring field, carrying out the following activities:
  • Environmental monitoring system design for large projects;

  • Management of monitoring campaigns addressed to all the main environmental components
    soil, vibrations, noise, air, vegetation
    and fauna, electromagnetic  fields)
  • Direct monitoring of vibrations, superficial and ground water, soil;

Studio Geotecnico Italiano can offer a personalized services in any of the fields mentioned above to suit Client requirements, ranging from a minor consultancy assignment on a specific subject to a fully developed design and assistance to the project site.

Geotechnical and Environmental Control

SGILAB srl, SGI subsdiary, carries out in situ geotechnical and environmental tests, as:
  • In situ density tests;
  • Permeability tests for the design of slurry walls, drainage wells and trenches;
  • Pumping tests for the measurement of aquifers hydraulic conductivity and for the check of wells wells efficiency;
  • Water, groundwater, soil and air sampling for physical and chemical analyses;
  • Contaminated sites remediation activities.