Environmental engineering

Environmental engineering covers a wide range of specialist expertise focused on controlling interaction between people and natural resources; it provides methods and tools for the analysis and management of risks connected with protecting the built and natural environments and various associated components to carry out environmental impact assessments of works deriving from ground engineering and to monitor natural resources.

More specifically, Studio Geotecnico Italiano analyses and reclaims contaminated sites and carries out environmental impact studies and environmental monitoring.

Characterisation and reclamation of contaminated sites

Studio Geotecnico Italiano focuses on studying contaminated sites and planning environmental reclamation operations in accordance with the laws in force, performing environmental surveys, characterisation plans, health and environmental risk studies, planning of reclamation operations and action to secure contaminated sites, identifying “the best available technology not entailing excessive cost (BATNEEC)”.
Studio Geotecnico Italiano provides support for environmental issues related to disputes, dealing with technical-legal-financial aspects in partnership with other professionals. More specifically: technical surveys of legal procedures, consultancy about environmental damage, technical-financial feasibility studies, assessment of the potential contamination of the ground and ground water, and the historical reconstruction of how contamination came about.

Environmental impact studies

Studio Geotecnico Italiano carries out operations on various kinds of works throughout all those design phases for which the law requires studies to be undertaken
The know-how the company has acquired covers every environmental aspect potentially involved in the design of a project: water environment, soil and subsoil, noise, vibrations, air quality, landscape, vegetation, wildlife, ecosystems, electromagnetic fields.
Most experience has been gained in the field of transport infrastructure (railway lines, roads and motorways). Works have been carried out on stations generating and distributing energy and industrial plants, in addition to strategic environmental assessments (SEA) on various works.
Studio Geotecnico Italiano draws up papers and assists clients throughout the approval procedure for environmental impact assessment (EIA).

Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring involves checking any possible alterations to the environment caused by the construction and operating of infrastructural plants and works.
Studio Geotecnico Italiano has developed special expertise in drawing up environmental monitoring projects.

Territorial engineering

The construction of major works, plants or infrastructures requires the carrying out of studies into how they are incorporated in the land while they are being constructed and when they come into operation. In many instances special integration or environmental mitigation works need to be designed.
Studio Geotecnico Italiano has carried out important studies and projects connected with the incorporating the works into the land; projects on building-site operations and management of rocks and excavated land, acoustic studies covering the phases when infrastructures are built and brought into operation, and acoustic/architectural/structural design of acoustic mitigation works.


9350 projects worldwide

Thanks to the expertise it has gained working on over 9350 projects worldwide, Studio Geotecnico Italiano can intervene from the initial survey phase right through to the drawing up of construction projects, also providing assistance during the execution of works.


experience knowledge and avant-garde

Geotechnical Engineering

One of Studio Geotecnico Italiano’s key operations is studying land and rock mechanics and the application of this knowledge to engineering works.

Seismic Engineering

Studio Geotecnico Italiano is internationally renowned for its skill in carrying out seismic hazard-risk studies on important infrastructures.

Environmental Engineering

Studio Geotecnico Italiano analyses and reclaims contaminated sites and carries out environmental impact studies and environmental monitoring.

Applied Geology

Mainly concerned with problems related to geological risk, the Geology sector is involved in applied geology, hydrogeology and environmental geology, as well as providing all the other fields.


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